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Snow Crane Healing Arts

Bodywork and natural health in Waterbury Vermont


Mission Statement

  • To honor your whole self

  • To support you from pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and at any time transformation is called for.

  • To guide you in deepening your intuition and own healing powers.

    Corrina Snow 2019


Practice Offerings


Amma & Nutrition

When you come in for an Amma Therapy session, you are truly entering into the world of integrative health. Massage to manage pain and tension, acupressure to focus on symptoms and self-care and nutrition support to help you continue your healing process in-between sessions.

Corrina made me feel very comfortable from day one. I noticed a huge improvement with how I manage my anxiety after working with her!

Fertility & Pregnancy

Your whole self gets to be balanced and nourished to provide the best environment for a baby to be conceived and grow. Your body is incredible and strong and adaptive. Lets work together to get you pregnant and grow that blessed babe!

I can’t say enough great things about Amma Therapy. Corrina gives individualized, practical advice you can start using today. When I leave a session, I feel inspired to take even better care of myself.

Postpartum Wellness

Balanced holistic treatments and support for pre-conception and fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health and recovery. Treatments are a blend of Amma Therapy, holistic nutrition, herbal support and self-care practices.

The postpartum ceremony I received from Corrina was a profoundly healing experience

Corrina Snow


Hello, I’m Corrina, founder of Snow Crane Healing Arts. I am a Certified Amma Therapist in practice since 2013. “Amma,” the oldest Chinese word for massage is rooted in Chinese Medicine and incorporates acupressure, bodywork, nutrition, herbs, supplements and self-care to correct and treat imbalances within our bodies.

I focus on the feminine body to address imbalances in the menstrual cycle, hormone balance, stress, anxiety, prenatal and postpartum wellness and ancestral healing.

I studied at the Wellspring School for Healing Arts in Portland, OR, where I relocated from in 2016 to have our second child and re-establish my New England roots. In 2018 I became an Innate Postpartum Certified Provider, with Innate Traditions.

I honor diversity, and support ALL families.

My vision is for each person to feel honored and supported in her body.
— corrina