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Snow Crane Healing Arts

Feminine Whole Body Care


Corrina Snow


Hello, I’m Corrina, founder of Snow Crane Healing Arts. I am a Certified Amma Therapist in practice since 2013. “Amma,” the oldest Chinese word for massage is rooted in Chinese Medicine and incorporates acupressure, bodywork, nutrition, herbs, supplements and self-care to correct and treat imbalances within our bodies.

I focus on the feminine body to address imbalances in the menstrual cycle, hormone balance, stress, anxiety, prenatal and postpartum wellness and ancestral healing.

I studied at the Wellspring School for Healing Arts in Portland, OR, where I relocated from in 2016 to have our second child and re-establish my New England roots. In 2018 I became an Innate Postpartum Certified Provider, with Innate Traditions.

I honor diversity, and support ALL families.

My vision is for each person to feel honored and supported in her body.
— corrina

Feminine Health


The health of the womb, breasts, menstrual cycle, mood, hormones and creative inspiration.


Attune The Moon

Balance and harmonize your life and cycle through bodywork, guided self-care and gentle nutrition protocols. When life is out of balance, often our cycle reflects this imbalance. Program Options:

  • Option 1: Initial Consultation + 3 follow-up sessions

  • Option 2: Consult + 5 follow-ups

  • Option 3: Consult + 8 follow-ups

Each session focuses on bringing you closer to harmony in your body again with Amma Therapy, which includes acupressure, full body massage and self-care education.

Baby Bloom

Monthly bodywork based program designed to authentically hold YOU for the nine months you are pregnant. Each visit incorporates Amma Therapy, gentle nutrition suggestions and self-care routines to support you doing the big growth happening in your body, hormones and mind. Sessions compliment monthly visits to Doctor or midwife.



Blessed Mama Bear

Postpartum Healing sessions. Repair and nourishment of belly, gently easing sore muscles, soothing and calming spirit, and promoting a more serene alpha brain wave state.

Postpartum Care is a series of treatments that may begin within a week after baby is born to assist you in reconnecting to your core, balancing your mind hormones so you can nourish during the months postpartum.

Warming sesame oil massage, healing food choices, belly wrapping, healing baths, moxa and guided meditation are all used in our sessions. These are beautiful, essential life-long womens’ health tools. 

  • Sacred Window Home Visit - 2.5 hour focused healing bodywork, warming oil, herbal protocol and guided birth reflection. Choose for first 3 months postpartum. Ready? lets schedule.

  • Mini-series - Three in-clinic sessions. Great if you are ready to get out of the house. Sessions are scheduled every other week and are 90 minutes of grounded holistic healing.

  • Six session Series- Six 90 minute sessions to support you as your inner light and outer majesty returns.