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Snow Crane Healing Arts

Corrina Snow, Amma Therapist

“Amma” is the oldest Chinese word for massage


Corrina Snow


Corrina Snow is a Certified Amma Therapist.”Amma” the oldest Chinese word for “massage” is a bodywork form rooted in Chinese Medicine that uses acupressure massage, holistic nutrition, herbs, supplements and self-care routines to address disease and imbalance in the body.

Corrina trained with Rylen Feeney at the Wellspring School for Healing Arts in Portland, OR, where she relocated from in 2016 to have her second child and re-establish her New England roots. In 2018 she became an Innate Postpartum Certified Provider, with Rachelle Garcia Seliga.

Corrina’s honors diversity, and supports ALL families.

I believe in the wisdom of the mothers intuition above all
— corrina



Amma Therapy

Ancient healing modality rooted in Chinese Medicine, Amma is a blend of acupressure bodywork, nutrition and may include herbal or supplement suggestions. Each session begin with a consultation and tongue and pulse diagnosis to establish your pattern and course of treatment.

Ritual Feminine Care

Monthly care practices designed to balance hormones, move Qi, address stress, fatigue and anxiety. Wonderful for women at any time of life.

These specialized practices of natural care can assist in normalizing the menstrual cycle, addressing pain, bloating and mood swings, heavy or light cycles, pain during intercourse, fertility concerns, recurrent vaginal infections.

Care practices include caster oil packs, yoni steaming, abdominal massage, Qi Gong exercises, guided visualization and moxa.



Prenatal & Postpartum Care

Monthly bodywork sessions complement care with your chosen provider and include massage and bodywork, self-care tools, helpful foods, gentle herbal choices and support for you and your family during pregnancy and postpartum. Contact me with any questions, or book a session here.

Postpartum Care is a series of treatments that may begin within a week after baby is born to assist you in reconnecting to your core, balancing your mind hormones so you can nourish during the months postpartum.

Warming sesame oil massage, healing food choices, belly wrapping, healing baths, moxa and guided meditation are all used in our sessions. These are beautiful, essential life-long womens’ health tools.