Summer Pregnancy Tips: Staying Cool, calm and collected

Of my two babes, one was born in early spring, and one in the heat of a New England summer. The feeling in my body from both of these late pregnancies was vastly different. Spring babe kept me nice and snuggly warm all winter, I barely needed a coat (I was also living in Oregon at the time.) By the time Jaden was born, the plum blossoms were in full tilt, and it was just barely 72 degrees.

Fast forward 3 years to the building humidity and heat of a second floor Burlington Vermont apartment, a dinky air conditioner and terribly insulation.

I was growing a 9.5 lb baby during the summer months, and I spent a lot of time wallowing. Not really even swimming, but wallowing. Like a mama hippo does. I also drank a lot of herbal tea, and had a pretty constant supply of some of the following foods in this article.

Blessed mama bear, stay cool, calm and collected this summer, and wallow, mama wallow!

Herbs and Foods for Summer Pregnancy

  • Lavender - Lavender has a wonderful QI moving quality to it, in addition to a soothing, mind melting send of ease it brings about. Add lavender to ice tea, ice pops or sun tea.

  • Lemon - The sour flavor aids nausea and cools us down from the insides out. One of my favorite summer quenchers is 1/2 lemon and local honey mashed with ice and fresh mint.

  • Watermelon- In Chinese Medicine food energetics, melons are COOLING. This means, the post metabolic effect of eating melons is that it cools us down- ie- less irritable, less hot-headed, less constipation and just generally nicer to be around. (I know, you are lovable and pregnant, just saying).

  • Cucumber - If you are pregnant and it’s July, just please eat a whole cucumber. I mean, you can be fancy and cut it up and add watermelon and a dressing, but really, just eat the cucumber. COOLING. Similar effects to watermelon, with added benefit of slight salty flavor, which will help with puffy feet and hands.

  • Cornsilk tea - Now that we have corn at hand, grab a handful of the silky stuff, boil some water and make a tea out of the silk. Strain the silk off and compost it, and drink the tea water hot or cold. Cornsilk tea benefits water balance in the body, and will aid in painfully swollen puffy feet and ankles, hands and wrists.

  • Ice pops! If you have other children, you may have discovered the joy of making ice pops together. It’s super easy- you can experiment with what sweetness level you like- fruit, honey or maple syrup, herbal tea can all go into these. Mama, make some with red raspberry and nettle and honey for a mama bear herbal experience.

I hope these suggestions help you during the next couple of months. Remember, you can begin Pregnancy Sessions with me at any time during your pregnancy, during any trimester. To make an appointment, go here.

Feel free to comment below with any other ideas that have helped you stay cool during your summer pregnancy.

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