Kids Sleep Tips (for full moon)

Finding balance for our family during the full moon can be hard!

In our family, if we don’t prepare, it often leads to a sleepless night, grumpy day and confusion over what went wrong. Getting creative and tuning into our kids sensitive sides can be a great approach to working with the energy of the full moon. Some of these suggestions have to do with how to help our kids express themselves more fully, so both of us can understand what they are going through. Here are some tips from our family that I hope will help you.

Animal Cards

We have several oracle decks in our home, and for children, who hare naturally intuitive, using animal cards can be a great way to understand some of the deeper feelings that may be present for them. Especially the iceberg ones (way below the surface) This morning, our 2 year old drew the shark card, which is all about something inside of him that is troubling him, that needs to be spoken about. During special time this morning, it came out that he wanted a picture of me on our alter. There’s a picture of daddy and Jaden and Kodji, but no mama! After we made a plan to have a picture of me available for him, he brightened, skipped, gave me several kisses and got to busying himself with his toys.

The Elements

Is your child more drawn to one element? In Chinese Medicine, we work with Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Every child will begin to show a more dominant element, with others backing that one up. A fire child will move around a lot, may have a loud voice and tendency to redness, while an earth child will likely be able to play in the sandbox for hours and may have digestive issues. As a parent, we can look at this in a simplified way, by asking ourselves, “When is my child most happy” or “Which of these elements seems to balance my child the most: Fire, dirt/clay, rock, water, wood/forest. By asking these questions , we can begin to get more clues into who our children are.

Many children find balance by being in and around water, and since we are in the middle of summer, this is a good place to begin. The element of water teaches us how to be free flowing, to relax our body and mind, and to move around obstacles instead of banging our head against the wall.


For adults, the full moon is the perfect fasting time, because we are receiving so much energy from the moon itself- we are filled up by it. For children, it can be a good time to simplify. Having a day void of sugar and dairy is a great way to start during full moon. Making a big fruit salad as a family, or a batch of home made veggie pasta sauce can engage everyone in an activity of connection, feeding not just our bellies, but our family soul during this time.

Full moon is a wonderful time to pull out a recipe from a grandparent or family member who has passed. We can honor them by getting our hands dirty and conjuring up some kitchen witchery with our kids.


Kids love bodywork. I”ll never forget the first time I worked on kids-I was volunteering at an event while I was still in school, and two 8 or 9 year old girls came up to me asking if I could work on them. I did Amma on their head, neck shoulders and arms for about 10 minutes. When each of the girls got up from the table, I could only describe them as spaghetti children. The same effect happens when I do a few simple acupoints on our 6 year old. He would fall in the very sensitive/hyper category, and he loves the 3rd eye point, or Yin Tang. Every night before bed, and especially if he’s still feeling agitated from the day, he’ll ask for this point, and then immediately take a deep sigh and relax on his pillow. If you live in the area, and you would like me to work with your kids, I keep sessions short and fun, and I will teach you how to do these points at home. Contact me, if you feel like this would help your littles.

Bath Ritual

A simple bathing ritual involving salt, some calming herbs or essential oils and intention will go a long way. I just made a full moon blend that is perfect for this time, with three different kids of salt, and calming heart opening herbs to help sooth or littles (and ourselves).

I have this full moon blend available this week, they are just $7, and provide such a great intention reset. Let me know if you would like one to help support you this week.

Blessings to you and your family

In partnership,