First week of school ritual (for you)

My children are 6 and 3 and today marked the first day ever that they are both in school- all day.

My husband took Jaden, our eldest, to his new school in Montpelier, VT, as I waited for the little guy to wake out of his blissful 12+ hour sleepy slumber. We ate together and I answered funny questions. I drove him to school, not a new one for him, so he was at ease, and we chatted about the road we were on, and the directions to his school. He sang ‘the monkey and the engineer’ a few times.


After drop off, I drove to my office and started in, hunkering down to work. I got some pieces done, wrote down some more tasks that I have been timid about delving into, but have finally felt like I have space for. Went out side and sat in the sun for a while.


It’s a lazy summer day, and although the leaves are not changing yet, it is imminent. The summer has been blissful, and I am not ready for the hardship of the Vermont winter. Not yet, please.

When I got back to my office, I was overwhelmed by a sense that I needed to create a ritual for this time.

This is a special time and place that I am in, and it deserves a ritual. It’s like a mini empty-nest.

Recentering Ritual



Pen and paper

candle (optional)


Begin your ritual

  • Find a quiet place, and take a breath. It has taken you a long time to get to where you are in your life, and you deserve recognition for this. I see you.

  • take out your paper and pen and write down everything you are feeling about leaving your child today. You can write it to them. This is what I did, “Dear Jaden, I am so proud of you…”

Let it flow.

When you are finished, check in with yourself, is there anything you were scared to write?

If yes, go back and add that to the paper. You can burn it afterwards.

  • Next draw your focus onto yourself. Scan your body, how are you feeling? Do you have tight areas that you didn’t realize you were holding? How does your heart center feel? What do you feel scared of? What do you feel excited about?

  • You can use these questions as starting points, or create your own, from your own intuition.


When you are finished writing, take a deep breath. saying these words,

I am enough, my thoughts are real, my feelings are valid, and my energy is sacred. I deserve and need time to discover myself, on my own. This does not mean I love my children, or my family any less, but that to be a whole person, I need space and time to exist.

These are big times we are in, mama, I am here for you. If you need more support, you can begin working with me now, or just reach out and say hello.