Snow Crane Healing Arts
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My approach to bodywork is rooted in Chinese Medicine. I use acupoints, meridian massage and healing touch to restore balance and harmony.

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Amma Therapy

All of my bodywork sessions are rooted in Amma--which is the oldest Chinese word to describe massage. This is a therapeutic, relaxing yet energizing treatment with lasting results. Similar to an acupuncturist, I work with Qi to bring energy and balance in your body, and manage your symptoms. 

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue may be blended into your Amma session, or as a stand-alone. Cupping, guasha, herbal liniments and oils may also be integrated into your session to ease muscular pain and tension and increase mobility.

Healing Energetic Bodywork

Intuitive, light energetic bodywork rooted in Chinese medicine to clear and reset your system.  Guided visualization may also be incorporated into this session.


Bodywork Pricing

60 min - $70

90 min - $100


Bodywork Treatment Series

Our bodies are like children--they love rhythm and routine, and knowing what to expect. Book three or six series, and I will focus treatment through bodywork, self-care, herbs and/or supplements on a specific health goal or life shift. 

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Three Treatment Series

Three 90 minute sessions focused on your healing and renewal.  A great place to start for reducing muscular pain and stress and finding greater life balance. 


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Six Treatment Series

Six 90 minute sessions. A more in-depth focused treatment plan for your health goals.