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Amma Therapy


Amma is ancient, lineage massage, rooted in Chinese Medicine. I use acupoints, meridian massage and healing touch to restore balance and harmony.


Amma as a Healing Modality

“Amma” is the oldest Chinese word for Massage.

Amma Therapy is a full body therapeutic massage with integrated use of acupoints and additional techniques to move Qi and restore balance to your body. Cupping, guasha, herbal liniments and oils may also be integrated into your session to ease muscular pain and tension and increase mobility.


Each session with me is individual. I assess your system using therapeutic techniques from Chinese medicine and intuitive body reading.

My approach to wellness is grounded and dependent on your health aspirations and challenges. I strive to support you while you work toward your goals.

Conditions I work with:

Anxiety, mild depression, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, digestive disorders, menstrual irregularities, infertility, muscular tension, adrenal fatigue and inflammation.

Because of the nature of Amma being based in Chinese Medicine, many conditions that are not normally affected by massage can be treated effectively by Amma. It can be likened to “acupuncture without needles” having a similar harmonizing effect to acupuncture.

Amma Therapy Sessions

New client Initial Intake and Treatment (2 hrs)

Follow-up Amma Treatment (75 min)