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Cycle Balance & Fertility



Sessions are rooted in Amma Therapy, a Chinese Medicine bodywork form. During our time together, we will do acupressure, massage, check in about dietary suggestions, life balance and teach self-care tools.

At home, you will be provided with monthly self-care practices.

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Cycle Balance

Harmonizing your cycle, easing pain, establishing a positive rhythm that you can rely on each month is foundational to your inner health and wellbeing. During these sessions, we address:

  • irregular cycles

  • PMS

  • menstrual cycle pain

  • anxiety, stress, mild depression

  • infertility

  • yeast infections

  • UTIs

  • Breast health


Nourishing support rooted in Chinese Medicine and guided by your cycle. We focus on your whole body and mind, to assist you in becoming pregnant.

Holistic Support

Sessions support you on a mind body level

  • Amma Therapy

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Womb care

  • Herbs and supportive supplements

  • Guided meditation

  • Ancestral healing

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