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Feminine Ritual Care


Monthly Ritual

As women, each month we are offered a new chance to renew and replenish. Stress can leave us depleted. Ritual care offers a unique fresh approach to caring for our feminine bodies that is nourishing and truly invigorating from the inside out.


What Sessions Include

Each month, your session will be an intake and bodywork session, followed by an instructive session, prepping you for your home ritual. 

Bodywork: Amma Therapy or Energetic Bodywork for allowing smooth flow of Qi with meridian massage and acupressure or light mayofascial and gently energy work and acupressure stimulation. 

Herbal Support: Herbal tea blends to balance your emotions and hormones throughout your cycle, blended from organic herbs. 

Ritual Care: Everything you need to create your home ritual each month to care for your feminine body: mind, breasts, belly, womb and spirit.


Is this right for you?

A cleansing and grounding approach to both preventive care and treatment for current health concerns. These treatments are appropriate for women who experience:

Menstrual cycle pain 

Irregular cycles


Frequent UTIs

Yeast infections or BV

Breast health concerns



Mood swings



Sessions are 90 minutes and include herbs and self-care ritual $159



Conception Treatments


Holistic therapeutic fertility support that grounds you in who you are as you follow your journey toward pregnancy.

Amma Therapy: Ancient healing in modern times is crucial. Amma is rooted in Chinese Medicine, and works like Acupuncture to move and balance Qi and promote the chances of conception.

Holistic Nutrition: Balanced eating with fertility foods rooted in holistic medicine and ancient Chinese Medicine.

Womb care: Supported self care protocols and abdominal massage

Herbs and supportive supplements: Gentle herbal allies to alleviate stress, regulate hormones and balance your cycle

Mind Body Balance

If you have been trying to conceive for some time, or even for just few months, it can seem like the universe is working against you.

You may feel like your body is not supporting you on your path.

Why is it so easy for everyone else to get pregnant?

Bodywork based healing, complemented with appropriate diet, guided exercises and energetic techniques bring together a loving approach to conceiving a baby.


Fertility Treatment Sessions are $145 for initial appointment and $70 for monthly follow up sessions