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Snow Crane Healing Arts

Chinese Medicine Bodywork and Natural Health

Bodywork and Natural Health Programs

Pre-conception, fertility, prenatal and postpartum holistic health.


Fertility & Cycle Balance

Mind, body soul approach to our cycles and conception grounded in Chinese Medicine bodywork, herbs, energy medicine and monthly self-care rituals.

Corrina made me feel very comfortable from day one. I noticed a huge improvement in how I manage my anxiety!


From tiny seed to blooming mama, you are held and supported during these 9 months. Acupressure, teas, self-care and nutrition guidance designed to support you as through all trimesters.

When I leave a session, I feel inspired to take even better care of myself.


Nourishing support in the first days through months postpartum to heal tissues, ease sore muscles, balance the mind and hormones and support family balance during this tender time.

The postpartum ceremony I received from Corrina was a profoundly healing experience

 Schedule your appointment now, or sign-up for a free call. Clinic location is on Main st in Waterbury, VT. Home postpartum visits are available upon request. See location.


Corrina Snow


Hello, Iโ€™m Corrina Snow, founder of Snow Crane Healing Arts. I am a Certified Amma Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist and Innate Certified Postpartum Care Provider. โ€œAmma,โ€ the oldest Chinese word for massage incorporates acupressure, bodywork, nutrition, herbs, supplements and self-care to correct and treat imbalances within our bodies.

I focus on the feminine body to address imbalances in the menstrual cycle, hormone balance, stress, anxiety, prenatal and postpartum wellness and ancestral healing.

I honor diversity, and support ALL families.

I enjoy imagining cloud animals with my children, playing music, lately fiddle and blues and dreaming of building our own home.

My vision is for each person to feel honored and supported in their body.
— corrina

Mission Statement

  • To honor your whole self

  • To support you from pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and at any time transformation is called for.

  • To guide you in deepening your intuition and own healing powers.

    Corrina Snow 2019