Prenatal Consult

Intake with Corrina to establish the foundations of Postpartum care, answer questions and set up a treatment plan. After our consult, you will receive a postpartum check-list, articles and self-care instructions to begin setting up your postpartum healing time. Phone or in-person

60 min $60


Postpartum Bodywork

Nourishing Amma or relaxation energy massage sessions are the core of your postpartum care program.

60 min $70                  90 min $100                120 min $125


Wholistic Postpartum Care

Returning your body to center after pregnancy and birth. Warming oil abdominal massage, belly wrapping and self-care tools from ancient cultures will be demonstrated, set up and or performed with you. Beautiful, essential life-long womens’ health tools. 

Abdominal massage - Moxibustion - Nourishing foods - Acupressure and massage - Rebozo Closing - Faja wrapping - Castor oil packs - Vaginal steam - Herbal baths - Herbal teas and tinctures - Homeopathic remedies - Guided Visualization and somatic meditation

90 min $150

 Postpartum Home Visit

Home visits are 2.5-3 hours and offer a leap forward in your postnatal healing.  Bodywork and wholistic care practices can be set-up and performed comfortably in your home. Ideal in week 1-2 postpartum. Certain practices can only be performed in home (moxa, herbal baths, rebozo ceremony)

3 hours $250