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Prenatal bodywork nutrition self care and whole mama support during these months of transition


Monthly Sessions

Monthly Pregnancy Sessions can begin at any time, from conception on. Sessions complement care you receive from your Doctor or Midwife and can balance and address common pregnancy concerns, allow you to feel at home in your new body and prepare you for a well aligned birth.


What are these sessions for?

  • Morning sickness

  • Hormone and mood balance

  • Muscular pain and tension

  • Swollen feet and hands

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Labor initiation

  • Preparing you to be an awesome mama


What to expect

Each month, your session will be a check in about any and all symptoms you may be experiencing, followed by bodywork session.

Bodywork: Amma Therapy or Energetic Bodywork for allowing smooth flow of Qi with meridian massage and acupressure or light mayofascial and gently energy work and acupressure stimulation. 

Self Care: Herbal teas, self-care routines and meditations and quality supplementation support.

Nutrition: Gentle, holistic nutrition to support you and babe as you grow.



Postpartum Preparation

Preparing for healing in the postpartum is a wonderful activity during pregnancy. In this session, you will learn what your body needs postpartum. The session is part class/part hands-on self-care education and lasts for 2 hours. The session is held in clinic in Waterbury.

  • appropriate dietary support during the first 40 days

  • herbs for sits baths and compresses

  • belly wrapping

  • bathing rituals

  • breast health and mastitis prevention

  • mental wellness during postpartum